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GAD Construction LLC. Wilton, CT

Sheetrock & Taping

Whether a big job, or a small job we have done it all. We have decades of experience installing sheetrock and taping. We have also been doing water damage repair, fire damage repair, or just taping up cracks from normal wear and tear. Small jobs are welcome, as sometimes all your home or office needs is a little tender loving care. We have been doing projects big and small all over Fairfield and Westchester counties for decades.

Other times you have a larger project that requires much more work. We pull the old sheet rock, inspect the studs in case of damage. Replace anything that needs to be replace with water, or fire damage. Wash rafters with bleach solution to get rid of mold if needed, and then bring in new sheetrock. We install everything from new insulation, to new sheetrock. We also perform sheetrock matching. By the end you will not even be able to tell where the damage was, as the new section will match any old sections still in place.

It is important to know all the code requirements when doing a job and we are experts in the field. We make sure all requirements are followed from day one. Our work is not just about looking good, but about being done right whether it is visible or not. Some businesses require double layers of drywall for fire rating. Other jobs require lead drywall such as in X-ray rooms in a medical facility.

When it comes to drywall we can do it all. Interior or exterior, water resistance, fire resistant, concrete drywall designed for showers and bathrooms, whatever type of drywall you need, we can tape and install it. Water resistant drywall is very often used in basements, bathrooms, or anywhere there is moisture. Wonderboard is a type of drywall that is primarily used in showers or bathtub areas. It is a cement board that is much harder and perfect for areas that will be tiled.

Fire is also a major concern. Whether a simple home kitchen remodel to completely renovating a commercial kitchen area we have done it. With commercial kitchens you want to have a plan for the heat. Commercial stoves do not always insulate the heat. This can cause the heat to radiate into the drywall and the studding. Fireproof sheetrock and steel studding are perfect for solving your insulation needs. They protect your business and minimize the risk of fire damage.

Beyond just the interior, we make the exterior look stunning. Finishing the drywall is just as important and we offer skim coating where desired. Skim coating puts a coat of plaster over the drywalls surface to smooth it out. This allows rough walls to have a more even finish. A properly installed skim coating makes your wall as smooth as glass.

All our work is guaranteed and performed by professionals with years of experience. When we leave the jobsite is perfectly build and spotlessly clean.

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