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GAD Construction LLC. Wilton, CT

Soundproofing with Sheetrock - Thermal / Sound Insulation

Sometimes you just need a little peace and quiet. Soundproofing is a great way to insulate yourself from noise. This is great for condos, townhomes, or parents who have turned their basement into a children’s playroom. We once added a soundproof ceiling to a gym to remove the noise of an overhead dance studio.

Sound proofing is all about layers. We start by framing and building pockets of air surrounded by pockets of insulation. These multiple layers capture the sound and prevent it from entering, or exiting the area. For ceilings we start with the existing space between rafters, you build it out from there. For walls we do need to build them out a bit to create the empty space. When we are finished you are left with a nice, quiet space. Free from the noise of the outside world.

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